Parsin cold storage doors are in two forms including sliding and hinged doors manufactured using advanced machinery and world’s modern technology in a fully- integrated form. Design and manufacture of these doors is such that it is sealed after closing and avoids energy loss.

Considering space and size of entries and taking into account customer needs, cold storage doors are manufactured in different and various sizes and dimensions in diameters of 7, 10, 12 and 15cm.

Parsin sliding and hinged doors (with and without pivot) hold following specifications

  • Door coating plate is galvanized (coated pre-colored in different colors), aluzinc and fiberglass
  • Polyurethane foam coating with density of 40±2kg/m3
  • Heat and frost-resistant special gasket
  • Antifreeze thermal element of door around gaskets
  • B2 Fire-resistant Foam (slow-burning)
  • Firm and Secure frame which is humid and stroke-resistant
  • Anodized aluminum frame or special UPVC Frame
  • Fittings made of the best raw materials including fiber polyamide, stainless steel, etc
  • Different kinds of door locks with capability of opening from inside the cold storage
  • Capability of installing vision valves in different forms and dimensions on sliding door of cold storage
  • Capability to automate sliding doors
  • 1 year guarantee and after sale services for fittings and products.