Producing different types of roof panels, Parsin has offered a proper solution for meeting entire needs of a roof coating in all industrial and structural projects. Roof sandwich panels with their trapezoidal structure are suitable insulators against heat, humidity and sound. Dimensions of Parsin roof sandwich panels varies from 2cm to 10cm.

Application cases of Roof Sandwich Panels:

  • Industrial Halls
  • Sport and recreational saloons
  • residential buildings
  • Parking lots
  • And …..

Characteristics of sheets used in Parsin ceiling sandwich panels

Metal sheets used in the Parsin polyurethane sandwich panels are galvanized, aluminum, and zincalume (aluzinc) type which are of 0.4 to 0.7  mm thickness.

All metal sheets have various colors coated by a furnace super polyester with a thickness of 25 micron. A -7micron furnace primer color is used at the interface of the metal sheets and the foam for better adhesion.