About Parsin


Parsin Gostar Jonoub Company, commercially known as Parsin, is a manufacturer of sandwich panels with polyurethane core, insulators, insulated canals, cold storages for trucks, portable refrigerating tunnels and cold storages, connex and cover sheets. Parsin is an active producer and executor of fixed cold storages, industrial salons and foam spray coating services.

Concerns for optimal energy consumption and maintaining natural resources motivated Parsin Group to mobilize its specialists to design, develop and produce modern constructional systems using state-of- the-art technology which result is Parsin Energy Plus Villa Houses.

Parsin was incorporated in 1981 with the aim of manufacturing fixed and portable industrial cold storages. Owing to the commitment of Parsin’s directors, the scope of activities of the company has been developing using modern forerunner technologies. In 1997, with reliance on the loyalty of its customers, Parsin commenced manufacturing Polyurethane sandwich panels which are good substitutes of traditional materials. In the last decade, Parsin has been developing in two phases, most noticeably establishment of a factory in Shiraz Great Industrial zone and factory No. 2 at Shamsabad Industrial zone in Tehran and also initiation of a continuous production line for manufacturing sandwich panels.


Manufacturing top quality products and offering premium services in Iran and the region.