Parsin wall sandwich panels are suitable insulators against heat, humidity and sound and because of producing through continuous production line of Parsin, sandwich panels can be produced in diverse lengths (the only limitation faced lengthy sandwich panel is its implementation as well as difficult transportation).
Producing different types of roof panels, Parsin has offered a proper solution for meeting entire needs of a roof coating in all industrial and structural projects.
Duct panels are to be regarded as a remarkable evolution in ventilation systems and installations industry considering properties of polyurethane foam as an ideal thermal and humid insulation.
Flashings contribute to cohesion of external facing of buildings by Acting as joints. Flashings are made of panel coating materials mostly used for sealing in facing section and hiding angles of operated sections on (housetop and flat) ceiling, aqueducts, shelters, etc.
Parsin cold storage doors are in two forms including sliding and hinged doors manufactured using advanced machinery and world’s modern technology in a fully- integrated form.